"Old Fashion Baby Patterns"

These heirloom sewing patterns "show the charm and daintiness that belong to every baby.  Baby will be well and smiling in little garments made by Mother.  These garments are designed to give the baby the greatest comfort and freedom of movement.  They come with complete, illustrated easy to follow instructions."  Most patterns are sized "infant" unless otherwise noted.

OFB#30 Ruffled Brim Smocked Baby Bonnet 3-6mo

The Ruffle Brim smocked bonnet is edged with lace and a small ruffle frames Baby's face. The bonnet ties in the back with a ribbon making it adjustable. Ribbon Ties finish the bonnet in style.

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OFB#29 Smocked Baby Bonnet 3-6mo

This simple bonnet uses two basic smocking stitches: the Wave and the Cable. The bonnet requires very little construction and can be finished by hand or machine.

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OFB#31 Hanky Bonnet "From Baby to Bride" w/poem Infant-3months

Wonderful little Bonnet to be worn by Baby and kept for the future Bride to carry on her Wedding Day. Includes instructions and Poem.

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OFB#16 Christening Bonnet Collection

The Christening Bonnet Collection has something for every baby.
  • The Swiss Eyelet Bonnet (View 1) is as easy as pie to make. Purchase Swiss Eyelet or Swiss Netting and you have a lovely Christening Bonnet with a minimum fuss! The bonnet ties in the back which makes it adjustable too.
  • The easy Lace Bonnet (View 2) is made in the same quick manner and uses little pieces of treasured lace for the bonnet or you can purchase lace. They both have construction details that make this a special little bonnet.
  • The Whitework Bonnet (View 3) is a treasure from days past when women prided themselves on their accomplishment of these whitework stitches which were some of the traditional stitches used on baby garments (French Eyelet, Open Eyelet and Featherstitch). It is a beautiful classic bonnet, with a set in crown and fabric ties.
  • The Lace and Ribbon Bonnet (Views 4 & 5) is an exquisite little bonnet made from Silk Satin Ribbon and French Lace. The materials make it luxurious and the style is classic.
  • There is a tailored version for baby boy and a ruffled one for baby girl, both lined with silk.

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OFB#02 Baby Bonnets - Infants - 12 mos

A collection of five beautiful bonnets including Hanky Bonnet with Poem, "T"-Bonnet, Lacy Christening Bonnet, Little French Bonnet and Baby Boy Cap with Scalloped Brim and a chin strap.
  • The Lacy Peek a Boo is a T - Shape that ties together with ribbon.
  • The Hanky Bonnet is designed for baby to wear and then later when he/she marries, it can be made back into a hanky to be carried down the isle by the bride. It comes with an embroidery design, poem and instructions for pin stitching. NEW!! Shadow Embroidery design for the Hanky Bonnet. Revised Stitch Instructions.
  • Antique Christening Bonnet is fashioned after a bonnet made in the 1920's. It has lace insertion alternating with embroidery, and has fabric ties.
  • The Little French Bonnet is a quick and easy version of an old favorite.
  • The Little Scalloped Cap is perfect for a little boy as it lined and has a chin strap. A touch of embroidery sets it off.

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OFB#17 Baby Bonnets II - Infant-12 months - Boy or Girl

A collection of four exquisite Bonnets which complement patterns "Sweet & Simple Daygown Collection" and "Baby Daydresses", they feature the classic cap style with a set in crown. Baby Bonnets Package Two is a welcome addition to this Baby Pattern collection. These adorable bonnets for boy or girl baby will be the pride of every Mother! All are lined and have a variety of embellished brims.
  • View I is a sweet little bonnet perfect for baby boy with piped details on the brim and crown. The Shadow Embroidered duck matches the Baby Daygown in the pattern "Sweet & Simple Daygown Collection".
  • View 2 is a classic bonnet for boy or girl baby. It features an embroidered brim trimmed with baby tatting. The bonnet matches the Classic Daygown from the pattern "Sweet & Simple Baby Daygown Collection".
  • View 3 is a ruffly little bonnet, adorned with lace and sweetly embroidered inside each scallop. The perfect bonnet for dressing up! It goes very nicely with the new "Baby Daydresses "pattern.
  • View 4 is a beautiful little bonnet featuring lovely embroidery on the brim and crown and is embellished with lace edging. The embroidery on this bonnet matches View 3 Daydress in the pattern "Baby Daydresses" and complements the other Daydresses as well.

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OFB#13 Baby Romper Collection

The Rompers have no center seam making them perfect for embellishing as they all button in the back and have snap (or button) fasteners in the crotch. All sleeves in this pattern are interchangeable.
  • The Applique Romper VI has acute little duck appliqued on the front and a Peter Pan collar trimmed with Swiss Edging. The cuffed sleeves come puffy for a girl or slightly gathered for a boy.
  • The Tucked Baby Romper V5 features a classic tucked front with button accents and is perfect for baby boy with straight sleeves and Peter Pan collar trimmed with piping.
  • The Tucks and Lace Romper V4 is elegant in its simple style and embellishment of lace insertion, tucks and embroidery. Directions for a tucked sleeve are included.
The Round Collar V3 and the Square Collar V2 attach to either the Tucked Baby Romper or the Applique Romper (without the applique). The Round Collar is piped and has a Shadow Embroidery Duck design and the Square Collar is edged with lace and features a pretty embroidery design. The Duck Applique and the Shadow Embroidery Duck have appeared in Jeanne's column in Creative Needle.

Out of Print, sorry

OFB#06 Baby Summer Clothes - Infant - 20lbs

Pattern includes three diaper shirt versions: boys straight sleeve, girls smocked sleeve and girls bias bound sleeve. Two shadow embroidery designs of cute little chicks to embellish them are included.

The unique baby bubble can be worn alone or under the diaper shirt or apron. The neck and armhole edges of the bubble are finished with the shell hem or with lace if desired. It has buttons on the shoulders and snap or button fasteners in the crotch for dressing ease. The summer nighty has a boy and girl sleeve and features an antique embroidery design. A sweet embroidered apron completes Baby's Summer Clothes.

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OFB#20 Best Embroidered Baby Clothes One - Infant to 6 months and 12 months included (7-22 lbs.)

Best Embroidered Baby Clothes Pack One features the cutest little baby clothes - and they are easy to make! Three different dresses for baby girl with wonderful embroidery designs. All have a back placket. You will want to make them all!

  • Baby Dress View 1 has tucks, lace insertion, scalloped sleeves and lovely embroidery.
  • Baby Dress View 2 is simple and old fashioned with an antique embroidery design, puff sleeves and lace edged collar.
  • Baby Dress View 3 is elegant with sleeves and hem that features lace insertion and old fashioned embroidery.
  • Baby Boy Apron has two cute styles. One with a pocket and embroidery and the other embellished with a Shadow Embroidered teddy. Both have piped collar and sleeves and button down the back.
  • This pretty Baby Slip is exquisite. The embroidery design is reproduced from an antique slip and the hem is trimmed with lace insertion and edging.
  • The Bonnet is easy as pie to make and the embroidery design reproduced from an antique slip.

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OFB#21 Best Embroidered Baby Clothes 2 - Infant - 22 lbs

Best Embroidered Baby Clothes Pack Two includes Baby Linens and is a collection of patterns that are especially suited for embroidery.

This pattern includes:

  • The One Piece Baby Romper (reprinted from the original Embroidered Baby Clothes pattern), fashioned after a 1920's garment. It's cute and quick to sew!
  • Baby's Long Nightgown is elegant, trimmed with piping and embellished with Shadow embroidery. The bottom can be closed with ribbon.
  • Every baby needs several Receiving Blankets in their Layette. Here are three different styles to stitch. Blanket 1 has a dainty embroidery design to embellish the tailored blanket which features a mitered self hem. Blanket 2 gives instruction on how to prepare a blanket for a crocheted edge along with a cute and quick embroidery design.
  • There are two Sheet and Pillowslip Sets. The first, a lovely Madeira Set has a Madeira Hem appliqued onto the Sheet or Pillowslip with the Pinstich and features Shadow Embroidery. Next, is a Hemstitch Set and has a contrasting hem attached with hand hemstitching. The Pillowslip is embroidered as well.

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OFB#14 Sweet & Simple Daygowns

Sweet & Simple Daygown Collection is a classic pattern that will always be in style. They are the cutest daygowns you have ever seen! They have two tucks on either side of the front opening and have underarm pleats for extra room and comfort. Classic styles suitable for either boy or girl with short and long sleeve variations. All views are a joy to make and easy too!

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OFB#18 Priscilla's Layette - Size: Infant

Priscillas' Layette is a wonderful pattern inspired by an antique daygown that dates to 1909. All three views are the original 20" length and embellished with Featherstitch embroidery. A Baby Slip pattern is included, designed in the Gertrude style. The Classic Bonnet is lined and has a crown. The Little Sacque is just the thing to keep baby warm on those cool nights or when going out. All are easy to make.
  • View 1, Priscillas' Classic daygown is styled for a boy or girl baby with long sleeves and is trimmed with tatting.
  • View 2 is perfect for any baby with a bias bound gathered neck and three quarter length sleeves. It can be especially suited for a boy by using a blue contrast bias binding.
  • View 3 is a Lacy daygown with three quarter length sleeves trimmed with lace and entreduex.

Out of Print, sorry

OFB#22 Baby Rose - Sizes: Infant (7-18 lbs.) & 6-12 mos. (15-22 lbs.) included

Whether its the lace insertion with embroidered front or lace insertion with tiny tucks or even the simple casual style used in View 3, this will be one of the sweetest baby dress patterns you will ever make! Pattern for a slip is also included.

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OFB#24 Embroidered Raglan Daygowns - Size: Infant (7-18 lbs.)

This daygown is the perfect choice for boy or girl when you want a comfortable daygown with a front that is made for embellishing with a sweet design (shadow embroidered duck and other designs included - or use a favorite you have or a new one you create).

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OFB#15 Baby Day Dresses
Infant: 6mos - 1yr

Three beautiful and very Old Fashioned Daydresses for you to choose from. Two views feature tucks at the yoke and all are embellished with lace insertion and edging. A ruffled slip is included. There are three different styles, all so pretty you will have a difficult time choosing which one to make first! All three have lace insertion and edging along the hem and short puffed sleeves with lace embellishment. A matching Slip complements the dresses.
  • View I features old fashioned tucks at the shoulders and is embellished with a lovely, design of lace and Featherstitch embroidery.
  • View 2 also has tucks at the shoulders and has embroidery and shaped lace to enchant you.
  • View 3 is exquisitely, embroidered with lace insertion accenting the embroidery.

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OFB#10 Antique Toddler Dress
Toddler Size 1T - 3T

These Dresses are fashioned after dresses worn in the early 1900's. These square yoke dresses have the appeal of a round yoke dress. Three different styles and a Slip. They have the appeal of the Round Yoke Dress without the tediousness required to make them. They are sure to be appealing on your little one. All dresses have a raised front and back square yoke. The short puffy sleeves in all the views have Swiss Beading and Lace Edging. A Slip with ruffled hem is included to complete the outfit.

  • Dress View I is a reproduction of a dress in the Louisiana State University Clothing Collection. The Yoke and Hem are embellished with Lace Insertion and Tucks, as are the ruffles on the hem and the yoke. It is a lovely Old Fashioned look.
  • View 2 features a Yoke Ruffle and a charming Shadow Embroidery Design for the Yoke and Hem.
  • View 3 also reproduced from a Vintage garment has Lace Insertion shaped along a curve which is bordered with Lace Edging. Feather Stitch embroidery on the Yoke and Hem accent the dress.
45" Fabric Requirements. Fabric Suggestions: Dress, All Views - Cotton or Poly Cotton Batiste, Swiss Batiste, Organdy, Lawn, Voile, Handkerchief Linen or Silk. Slip - Cotton or Poly Cotton Batiste.

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OFB#01 Baby Layette

The Old Fashioned Baby Layette is very dainty and sure to inspire beautiful baby clothes. The pattern has been revised to include six sleeve styles on the exquisite Day gown. Embroidery designs are included The Bonnet also has a scalloped facing and embroidery. The NEW embroidery design is appropriate for the slip or gown.

  • View 1 has tucks, embroidery, lace and long or short smacked sleeves.
  • View 2 has a collar, front placket with tatting and long cuffed sleeves. Tucks are optional.
  • View 3 buttons in the back and has a front pleat, ruffled cuffs, collar and front tab.
  • The NEW French Day gown (View 4) has long or short puff sleeves gathered to a lace band or beading with entredeux and lace at the neck It is embellished with tucks and embroidery and features an optional Scalloped Hem.
  • The Bonnet is lined and has fabric ties. The embroidered slip can be made long or short.

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OFB#27 Antique T-Yoke, Gown and Christening Gown, Infant - 18mo

An exquisite collection of garments for Baby. Fashioned after an antique from 1920, they feature the T-Yoke bordered with lace. Complete easy to follow directions as well as embroidery design and slip are included.

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OFB#28 Baby's Smocked Layette, Infant - 6mo

A perfect pattern for smocked baby clothes. This pattern, inspired by an antique has complete easy to follow instructions that include the embroidery and smocking. The easy to smock and sew designs include:

  • The long Daygown with long sleeves and a bias neckband.
  • The short Baby Dress has 3/4 length sleeves and your choice of hems. The lacy hem is lovely and the Madeira Scallop Hem is very elegant.
  • The Ruffled Brim Smocked Bonnet features a ruffle edged with lace and pretty smocking design.
  • The pattern includes a slip and a Bonnet.

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OFB#23 Raglan Christening Gown - Size: Infant (7-18 lbs.)

Truly elegant gowns designed to have a finished length of 27", with easy fitting Raglan sleeve style. Also includes patterns for slip and bonnet.

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OFB#08 Old Fashioned Baby Gowns - Infants - 6mos

A yoke pattern which includes a beautiful gown, sweet dress (not pictured), Slip, Bonnet and 36" long Christening Gown. The Christening Gown is fashioned after an antique and features a fabric ruffle at the yoke and hem. Perfect for Boy or Girl Baby.

Out of Print, sorry

OFB#25 Sweet & Simple Bubbles and Bonnets

Includes a handsome little Romper for Baby boy and a sweet Romper with Frills for Baby Girl. Both Rompers feature two tucks on either side of the front with a Peter Pan collar The front opening makes dressing baby easy and each garment has a sweet embroidery design. Snap or Button Crotch. Boy Romper has Cuffed Sleeves and is trimmed with tatting. Girls Romper has a lace Tab at the neck and Puffed Sleeves. All views are a joy to make and easy too! The Boy Cap has a strap closing and the Girl Bonnet ties with ribbons. Lovely embroidery compliments everything.

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OFB#26 French Arcadian Christening Gown - Size INFANT

The charm and style of the Gowns sold in the New Orleans Baby Shops in the early 1900's. This pattern contains directions for both hand and machine techniques plus a simplified variation that retains the original look. Slip included. When you make this gown, you are stitching a little bit of Louisiana history!

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OFB#33 Baby Sacque & Wrapper, Bib - Size INFANT

Baby's Sacque & Wrapper with Antique Bib and 50 Embroidery Designs

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OF#34 Emma Smocked Baby Clothes Inf-6mo (18-lbs)

Includes smocked fancy bonnet, embroidered yoke with lacy hem, and a classic smocked yoke dress. Embroidery designs included

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